Tanvir Ahmed

IT Specialist

Tanvir Ahmed , a great colleague , a brilliant Engineer , a wonderful strategist but most importantly a good human being . Tanvir graduated from Asain University of Bangladesh with. He has grasped many vivid professional degree in his corporate life and is about to be pursuing Cisco Certified Network Professional. Tanvir started working for Dnet in the year 2014 after coming from one of the best Telecommunication Company in the country. He always wanted to be part of a noble and humble entity and hence forth decide to be part of Dnet. He is a dynamic leader with a vision and goal oriented which makes him one of the favorites among its management. Apart from being a good engineer he is also a good gamer, which can be seen at times when he takes time with his colleagues and get involved in a battle of Counter Strike as it calls for the day in office.