Sadia Naureen Huq 17

Sadia Naureen Huq

Associate Fellow

After coming back to her home country upon receiving Master of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences majoring in Policy at Wageningen University (2014), Sadia joined Shabab Murshid Development Foundation as a teacher and trainer.

Sadia has strong interest to find out innovative solutions on social and environmental problems. In this context, she has participated in various national and international competitions since her early undergraduate days. Sadia received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at BRAC University (2011) and later on MSc degree in Environmental Sciences majoring in Policy at Wageningen University (2014) in the Netherlands as a Dutch Govt. Nuffic fellow researching on greening of textile industries through public and private governance.

In 2011, before going for her Masters in the Netherlands, she joined ICE Business Times as an editorial assistant and worked there for a year. Sadia also acted as a Student Reporter at the Oikos Future Lab in St. Gallen, Switzerland covering features on Sustainability.

Additionally, Sadia has worked as a manager at Academic Consultancy Training and also as a Master Tutor at her University in the Netherlands. She provided valuable recommendations to the Green Office Wageningen for best sustainable practices taking into consideration other Universities of USA and Europe.