Dr. Ananya Raihan


Dr. Ananya Raihan, an Ashoka Fellow, is the Director of Dnet Global and the CEO of Dnet Bangladesh. As a co-founder of Dnet, Dr. Raihan led inception and growth of the institution since 2001. Being a volunteer since then, he joined Dnet full-time in 2005 with a vision to build the institution, quitting renowned policy think tank Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). From teaching to policy research, from policy research to social entrepreneurship – at each stage of his journey his focus was to change the perspectives of young people for becoming change agents themselves. He was successful in transforming ideas into action by creating collective leadership for sustaining innovations, by launching a series of institutions. A continuous learning mindset makes him a born change maker. He is also a member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Community Informatics. He holds both a Masters and Ph.D. in Economics, with a specialization in Economic Cybernetics.