Ajoy Kumar Bose


Ajoy Kumar Bose is the Director of Junction Bangladesh Limited and Chief Institutional Affairs Officer of Dnet. Mr. Bose is co-founder of Dnet (www.dnet.org.bd) and involved institutional building from its inception in 2001. He has experience on project design, planning, project management and has been engaged with Dnet team for building innovative models for empowerment of underprivileged communities and oversees governance, regulatory bodies, institutional policies, legal issues, audit committee etc. He managed Computer Literacy Program in Dnet that received International Award in 2009. He has also led Smart Class Room (SCR) Program in Dnet under Public Private Partnership initiative with Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Ministry of ICT, and Volunteers Association for Bangladesh, New Jersey Office in USA. Both CLP and SCR programs received noble recognition in Bangladesh and aboard. Over the years, Mr. Bose gained work experience with government agencies, Non Resident Bangladeshi’s, Private Sectors and Development Organizations in home and abroad. Mr. Bose has been involved in various social organizations in Bangladesh as part of his moral responsibility and contribution some positive changes in the lives of the underprivileged.