Small Step for Moner Bondhu, A giant leap from parents
14 Dec 2015

Tapping into Mental Health Services

Small Step for Moner Bondhu, A giant leap from parents

Junctions first ever startup business ideation, Moner Bondhu which provides online counseling and emotional support platform designs to foster mental wellbeing. It anonymously connects with the right expert consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists,    counselors, life coaches, career guides and people with rich and deep life experience, who understands people and guide them through completely confidential individual sessions. On Aug 26th they held their first ever session which consisted of parents from all background pouring in to register and join in to understand and express their feeling about their personal and children’s experiences.


The workshop was held in order to enhance the understanding of those parents who are wanting to create a difference in the lives of their children’s. They participated some timid , some voiced opinion some clam and some really arguing over facts but overall they all made it count that this session brought out the best result what they wanted for their children’s.


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