Service info

J unction facilitates and provides entrepreneurship schooling for startups, entrepreneurs, students and innovators in order for them to successfully implement and scale up their ideas across the nation.


We have vivid programs such as workshops consisting of 2 hours, some more extensive workshop sessions which comprised of 3-5 hours and some very long session which are certificate providing training which consists of 40 hours or two months program. We tend to include knowledge sharing as well as hands on experience as the teaching material as well.


Apart from workshop sessions, we provide the countries one of the best Social Entrepreneurship course session which consists of 3 credits, it is provided in two of the most renown private universities of the country which helps in developing and nurturing your initial entrepreneur and adds the social aspect to it which takes you to the next level of being a social entrepreneur.


Junction provides these services with study materials’ collected from across the globe and some in hand field experiences which are very rare and people are keen to receive.


Schooling programs consisting of workshops are free of cost but those certificate providing training/longer session s will be charged at a nominal rate. University Course of Social Entrepreneurship will be charged as per the university fee policy.