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05 Dec 2017

Learning Emotional Intelligence for Successful Entrepreneurship – A Hands-on Learning Workshop at the American Center

Understanding Empathy is not easy. Empathy, which means putting yourself in the mental position of another person is quintessential to understand the “unarticulated” needs of the stakeholders and the team-members in a business venture. But how do you develop it? To help participants understand this concept and make an action step to internalize it, Junction Ventures conducted another workshop on Emotional Intelligence in line with Entrepreneurship development at the American Center.

The students constructed a house with plastic straws with utmost creativity. What they found out through this activity was their level of self-awareness regarding their own thoughts and feelings. They also reflected on how much openness they demonstrated during the activity by listening to and understanding the input of the other members in the team. They reflected on how they behave in group settings when they are in a decision-making phase which are needed in entrepreneurship practice in their real life.

The participants also had a great time understanding and developing action plans regarding managing their emotions such as fear and anxiety and how they could relate more to their customers and other stakeholders like investors and business partners.


The workshop was conducted by Imran Khurshid, who is a Manager of the School of Entrepreneurship (SoE) at Junction Ventures. He is an Alumnus of the U.S. State Department and worked with Social Impact 360 to help youth in the universities in the United Stated to learn about Entrepreneurship.

Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Dhaka

You can also read about the previous workshop for the students of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized by Center for Enterprise and Society (CES) by clicking here.