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ERF is a Pioneering Platform for catalytic Insights & Analysis Ethnology of Dhaka Startup Scene

At this juncture, Junction Bangladesh have realized that there is apparent dearth of research and evidence-based knowledge on various aspects of startup and innovations ecosystem in Bangladesh which incited the instigation of this fellowship program.

Research Goals

Inform the stakeholders about innovations and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Connect academia with entrepreneurship.
Encourage stakeholders of entrepreneurship and academia in research and innovations.
Promote business research to development and research practitioners in Bangladesh.

Research Team

Each fellowship will be awarded to a team of three with a Lead Researcher or Principal Fellow (university teacher, freelance researcher, industry leader) and two Research Associates (one male & one female university student or recent graduate). There is not restriction on age, academic or research disciplines, or industry sector.

Research Objective

Engaging youth to problem finding spree and solution making
Raising awareness about Intellectual Property
Rights in Bangladesh
Grasping knowledge on Sectorial Study on innovation and entrepreneurship
Research based design thinking in the startup eco system of Bangladesh
Producing more publications that highlights the knowledge spreading for the upcoming entrepreneurs of the nation

welcome to ERF

Welcome to
Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship (ERF)

Recent years have been phenomenal for Bangladeshi innovators and startups. Amazing ideas have emerged which are now in prototype development to bring strong impact on the people and society. Some of the ideas are ruling the wheel of growth and some have faded. We have realized it is the rise moment of homegrown innovations to solve the challenges. The coming days are more promising for entrepreneurial minds who will make our world a better place. At this juncture, we felt that there is severe dearth of research and evidence-based knowledge on various aspects of startup and innovations ecosystem.

We also acknowledge that it is time for setting benchmark for a number parameters, which will help us to track progress in coming years.

Thus, Junction Bangladesh has initiated a research fellowship program in partnership with EMK Center. The idea is to commission selective research projects on important issues related to innovations and startup ecosystem in each cohort. For doing this, the idea is to engage academicians/researchers and students as well as research talents in the industry through offering fellowships.

fellowship journey final

Fellowship Journey

Junction tossed the First Ever Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship and  fellowship is now in the second season. In the first season, Junction started with the call for proposal in January 2017. Different university faculties, students, and professionals formed teams of 3 people and submitted their proposals. This took place in 2 cohorts and multiple teams were selected primarily for presenting their proposals in front of a panel consisting of experts from a pool of academicians, investors and enthusiasts about entrepreneurship.

After the presentation 4 teams from each of the two cohorts were selected. The Research Fellows went through an intensive process starting from the selection process to the submission of the final research report in ensure quality research. They were awarded with 50,000 BDT to conduct the research. The various stakeholders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem were engaged to formulate sustainable solutions to the challenges in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and develop valuable insights and action plans to enrich our entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Research Areas

Success & Failures of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Success & Failures of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Description

Startup Investment Scenario

Startup Investment Scenario Description

Existing Facilities & Initiatives for Start-up Growth

Existing Facilities & Initiatives for Start-up Growth description

Sectorial Study in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Sectorial Study in Innovations and Entrepreneurship Description

Incubation and Accelerator Scenario

Incubation and Accelerator Scenario Description

Intellectual Property Right Practices

Intellectual Property Right Practices description

R&D Cultures in Startup Ecosystem

R&D Cultures in Startup Ecosystem Description

Law & Policy on Start-up Ecosystem

Law & Policy on Start-up Ecosystem Description

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship description

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship Description

Rural Entrepreneurship Scenario

Rural Entrepreneurship Description

Entrepreneurship Education & Practice

Entrepreneurship Education & Practice description

Critical Success Factors in Tech-based Disruptive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Bangladesh

Lead by Mr. Iftekhar Ul Karim
lecturer at University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh

Learning from Failures: Why and How Dhaka’s e-commerce start-ups fade away.

Lead by Mr. Asif U Ahmed
Assistant professor of the School of Business at ULAB;

A Comparative Study of Dilutive and Non-Dilutive Funding Options for Startup Growth in Bangladesh

Lead by Mr. Nuheen Khan
Lecturer at North South University

Fellowship Awarded in the Season 1

Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneur’s’
Performance Engaged in Informal Sector:
Evidence from Dhaka City

Lead by Syed Afroz Keramat
Lecturer at American International University Bangladesh


IPRs Registration Practice in Bangladesh

Lead by Mr. Mohammad Syeedur Rahman
Management counselor at Bangladesh institute of management (BIM).

Case study of a Successful Startup from Accelerator Programs in Bangladesh

Lead by Mr. Debojit Saha,
Co-founder & managing director
Kaizen CRS;

Factors Influencing Online Based Women Entrepreneurship in Urban Bangladesh

Lead by Mr. Muhammad Maruf Ibne Wali
Lecturer at the Department of Management, North South University;

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Call for papers

If you are a benefactor of entrepreneurial spirit and reckon that your research can add values to startup ecosystem, then apply to our Season 2 of Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship Program by the 28th of February 2018.

Academicians, Researchers, Policy Makers, Startup Gurus or anyone with proven track record of Research.
Each team will have to consist of 3 People including One Lead Fellow, and Two Students
(one male and one female).

If you get selected for season 2 you will have an amazing experience as we will provide you with the following:

  1. A grant for research
  2. Access to top notch industry mentors from startup ecosystem
  3. Mentorship by assigning industry experts and educators

Go to the link Apply

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