Emotional Intelligence as the Driver of Entrepreneurial Success
03 Nov 2017

Turning Ideas into Action-Learning about Emotional Intelligence and How it can Drive Success

Standing in order according to the birth dates and months without talking was the first activity that stimulated the learners to think about how thoughts and emotions can lead towards certain behaviors. Added to this was the external pressure of time constraint that would sometimes prevent the participants from thinking creatively about how they could use ‘sign languages’ to communicate their birth dates. This helped them to understand that there can be factors in the “ecosystem” which are external.

This lead to the process of understanding about the importance of self-awareness in terms of recognizing the barriers in one’s own mind and understanding the passion in order to successfully build a venture. Gradually the learners were taken through the journey of understanding the emotions of the other people and practicing empathy with the various stakeholders including the target groups, investors and partners in one’s venture.

Emotional intel 02

Group Activity: Sharing insights and developing collective results to understand the core elements of Emotional Intelligence and how it affects Entrepreneurial Success.

All these were done in the workshop “Emotional Intelligence as the Driver of Entrepreneurial Success” which was organized by the Center for Enterprise and Society (CES) of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) at its premises. Emotional Intelligence was a term created by Peter Salavoy and John Meyer which means recognizing and understanding our own emotions and that of the others, and influence the emotions of others.

According to an article of Harvard Business Review, self-confidence and resilience can be found in Entrepreneurial-minded people. They also need to have a goal orientation which is again connected to gaining the support of other people. All of these are parts of Emotional Intelligence and these elements are some of the things that entrepreneurs need.

The participants learned hands-on about the various areas and sharing their experience. The introduction by Professor Imran Rahman, Dean of School of Business acted as a very good engagement for the students to learn about this topic. The training was conducted by Imran Newaz Khurshid who is the Manager of the School of Entrepreneurship (SoE) of Juntion Ventures. He is an Alumnus of the U.S. Department of State and worked with entrepreneurship as a Program Specialist at Social Impact 360 based in the United States.

Photo Courtesy: CES, ULAB