Let's Go Together

Junction provides services and supports for startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers.

our drive is to establish Bangladesh
as a global destination
for social innovation and startups.

we make entrepreneurial journey easy to reach global benchmarks

Schooling to power Entrepreneurial Mind

Humans are the key of any magic you want to bring through innovation and solution. School of Entrepreneur provides Lecture Series, Workshop Series, Certificate Course, Training Series.

Consumer Insight is the key of Success

Know your market before you offer amazing solution, maybe an upgrading of existing solution can bring grater utility and efficiency. We provide R&D support for product development, prototyping, market insights, Business Intelligence to scale your business.

Tailor business needs from Service Tray

Pick your needed service from our wide variety of services. For example, Service Design, Product Development, Research & Development Business Model Canvas, UX Design, Financial Modeling, Intellectual Property Rights and many more for grater growth of your innovation and solution.

helping your innovation to scale, accelerate to grow

Reach Utmost

Determine ways to interact with your TG cause it makes you grow faster.

Connect the Dots

Find gap in the exiting cycle and connect it with your own.

Place your Brand

Position your name in the right manner to live long and go beyond.

About Us

Operating from 16 years of experiences in Incubation and social good

Junction is an initiative by Dnet – a social enterprise operating successfully more than 16 years. Dnet has proven and globally scaled innovation and solutions which are incubated, facilitated and accelerated within the same resources junction owns.

JUNCTION BANGLADESH LIMITED is a platform to facilitate the journey of homegrown innovations to become globally scalable social and tech solutions. It is a registered Dhaka based company operates locally.

Frequent Questions

Junction delivers a new world of services for entrepreneurs like no other startup ecosystem support platform. We offer wide range of services covering from Legal (IPR) to Strategy Development and Schooling to Research & Development along with network and resource support to drive your business forward.

We have a dedicated support team that is always available for supporting your project. We have forums and remote support if needed

Yes, sure! Our resource network is ever expanding in diverse fields to foster your business needs and accelerate growth. Mail at
Hello@Junction.Ventures your profile and why you want to join us.




the next world

let's build it



If you are one of the following, we can surely work together

  • Startup and Failed

    If you are a early stage startup, struggling to accelerate, if you started but failed somehow, if you believe you worth billion, we are together!

  • Out burst with Ideas

    If your ideas do not let you sleep, if you believe and prove that your idea can change the world, we are here and we are together!

  • Young Professional, being innovative

    If you want to surprise your team with new skills and expertise for business growth, we can work together.

  • Afraid, to be stolen!

    If your idea worth’s a billion and it needs to be protected, we can work together

  • Confident to Mentor

    If you believe you can guide people with your skills and expertise, we can work together

  • Curious Mind

    If you are inquisitive to solve a problem through product or service, want to do something new, we can work together.